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Fan Belt Tensioner

Supplier part no: 65032
Pack Size: 1
Unit Price Excl. VAT: €419.31
Unit Price Incl. VAT: €507.37
Manufacturers part no:
65032, V836667827, V83786282


Fan Belt Tensioner Massey Ferguson 5460 Tier

Fits Models
Massey Ferguson
3600 Series
3630, 3650, 3660, 3640

5400 Series
5460, 5470, 5480

6400 Series
6460, 6470, 6499, 6497

8400 Series
8450, 8460

4400 Series
4435, 4445, 4455

7100 Series
7140, 7150, 7170, 7180

200 Vario Series
207 Vario, 208 Vario, 209 Vario, 210 Vario, 211 Vario, 207 V/F Vario, 208 V/F Vario, 209 V/F/P Vario, 210 V/F/P Vario, 211 V/F/P Vario

Valtra / Valmet
N Series
N113 H3, N123 H3, N143 H3, N93 H3, N103.4 H3, N103 H3, N101 HI-TECH, N111 E HI-TEC, N121 HI-TEC, N92 HI-TEC, N141 HI-TEC, N91 HI-TEC, N134H, N134A, N134D, N134V, N154EA, N154ED, N154EH, N174A, N174D, N82 HI-TECH, N111 Classic, N101 Classic, N111 HI-TECH, N91 Classic, N123 H5 HI-TECH, N103 H5 HI-TECH, N93 H5 HI-TECH, N103.4 H5 HI-TECH, N111 E LS, N141 LS, N121 LS, N122 Direct, N122 Versu, N142 Direct, N142 Versu, N143 Direct, N143 Versu, N163 Direct, N163 Versu, N113 H5 HI-TECH, N123 Direct, N123 Versu, N104 HI-TECH, N114 E, N124 HI-TECH, N154E

T Series
T163 ED, T163 EV, T191 HI-TECH, T153 HI-TECH, T173 HI-TECH, T193 HI-TECH, T133 HI-TECH, T153 Direct, T183 Direct, T183 Versu, T203 Direct, T213 Versu, T153 Versu, T161 H, T161 C, T151 EH, T161 LS, T151 ELS, T191 LS

A Series
A75, A72, A82, A85, A92, A95, A72 L, A82 L, A85 L, A92 L, A75 L, A93 H, A83 H

T1 Series
T121 H/C, T131 H/C, T171 LS

T2 Series
T132 D/V, T152 D/V, T162 D/EV, T172 D/V, T182 D/V, T202 D/V

BH Series
BH165, BH180

TC/TCH Series
T171 C/H

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